Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~D.I.Y Backpack~

Hey guys it's Lily and today is going to be a quick post! I have a special look tutorial coming up! Ok so we've been in school for a while and by now your bored, not only with school work, but probably your school supplies. So I, Lily, have come up with a way to spice up your school supplies.
What you will need:
.A backpack, mines an old polka dot Jansport backpack.
.Studs, I purchased mine from Micheal's, I got two packs of pyramid studs for about 10$ and I didnt use the whole pack.
.Masking tape, any kind will do.
Step 1:
Get your back pack and masking tape. Take a strip of tape and try your best to make a straight line.
Masking tape
Step 2: 
Start by putting a stud as close to the tape as possible without putting it in the tape. Continue in a straight line until desired length. (This pattern is toatal lay up to you!)
straight line of tape
Keeping stud close to tape
Spacing studs a little ways away
straight line of studs
Step 3: 
After you've created the straight line start by putting a stud upside down below every other stud. Repeat until done.
Starting the second part of the pattern
Step 4: 
One done with that put a stud below the upside down one facing upward to help guide your next straight line of studs. Finish creating the line like in step 2.
Starting a new straight line
Step 4:
Continue the pattern or come up with your own! That's the best part! I hope you enjoyed! 
The finished pattern (sideways sorry)


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