Friday, June 20, 2014

❀Room Tour❀

     Hey guys it's been a while but I'm back! So for my first real post of 2014 I decided to do a……. ROOM TOUR! Ok well on to the post.
Welcome to my room! I love Disney so I drew my name in
Disney font and added some cute doodles.
 (hanging chalkboard: TJ Maxx)
My bed and side table.
(Bedding: Urban Outfitters, Stich Pillow Pet: Disneyland,
Cream Ruffle Pillow: Pier 1, Side Table: local antique store,
Navy and White Storage Container: Tj Maxx, Blue Blanket: Tj Maxx) 
My wall decal headboard. This picture is at an angle so it looks wonky.
(Decal: Target)

My fox lamp is the best.
(Lampshade: Target, Lamp-Stand: Pier 1)

What could be better than a Beagle cupcake company?
(Picture: Xmas gift)

The valentine the little boy I babysit made me this year.

TFIOS poster.

My picture string I made. (tell me if you want to see a D.I.Y)
My L above my string of pics.
(L: Tj Maxx)

My Wonder Woman picture that I found for 10$ at Ross!

My desk/vanity from local antique store.

My jewelry hook from Urban Outfitters.

Mirror: Unknown

I added rice to a fox mug to hold my makeup brushes and pens.
(Mug: Target)

My beagle canvas photo.
(Unknown, Xmas gift)

Some cute accents on my vanity.
(L book: Anthropologie?, Picture Frame: Tj Maxx)

My jewelry box on my vanity.
       Thanks for reading, I hope to post more this summer, so look out for more posts! I hope you enjoyed, Lily.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

~D.I.Y Backpack~

Hey guys it's Lily and today is going to be a quick post! I have a special look tutorial coming up! Ok so we've been in school for a while and by now your bored, not only with school work, but probably your school supplies. So I, Lily, have come up with a way to spice up your school supplies.
What you will need:
.A backpack, mines an old polka dot Jansport backpack.
.Studs, I purchased mine from Micheal's, I got two packs of pyramid studs for about 10$ and I didnt use the whole pack.
.Masking tape, any kind will do.
Step 1:
Get your back pack and masking tape. Take a strip of tape and try your best to make a straight line.
Masking tape
Step 2: 
Start by putting a stud as close to the tape as possible without putting it in the tape. Continue in a straight line until desired length. (This pattern is toatal lay up to you!)
straight line of tape
Keeping stud close to tape
Spacing studs a little ways away
straight line of studs
Step 3: 
After you've created the straight line start by putting a stud upside down below every other stud. Repeat until done.
Starting the second part of the pattern
Step 4: 
One done with that put a stud below the upside down one facing upward to help guide your next straight line of studs. Finish creating the line like in step 2.
Starting a new straight line
Step 4:
Continue the pattern or come up with your own! That's the best part! I hope you enjoyed! 
The finished pattern (sideways sorry)


Sunday, September 8, 2013

~Fall Essentials~

Hey guys it's Lily and this is my fav season! Fall, you dress cute and warm! SO if you have no clue what to wear this year I'm here to help by making a list of 10 fall essentials!

1. A Good pair of riding boots, a pair of boat shoes, and some fall colored flats!

From M.I.A

From Sperry Top Sider

From Target 

2. A good pair of skinny jeans

From American Eagle

3. A pair of red skinny jeans to add some pop to your fall wardrobe

From Forever 21

4. A cute basic button up to pair with all your cute sweaters! 

From H&M

5. Some cute sweaters to keep warm!                                            

From H&M


From American Eagle

6. A cute colorful Cardigan!

From Buckle Jeans/Element

7. Some printed v-necks to wear on a lazy day or to add some print!

From Pac Sun

8. Some cute printed scarves to add some extra style and warmth! 

From Aeropostale
From H&M

From American Eagle

 9. A military style jacket to grad to keep warm on those cold fall days! 

From Old navy
10. Fall accessories!                                                
Some cute fall colored earrings from Forever 21!

Some letter bracelets (which are super in style!) from Forever 21

An adorable black and gold bow from Forever 21

And of course I couldn't forget my spirit animal, the fox!
An adorable fox necklace from forever 21!
Xoxo, Lily