Friday, June 20, 2014

❀Room Tour❀

     Hey guys it's been a while but I'm back! So for my first real post of 2014 I decided to do a……. ROOM TOUR! Ok well on to the post.
Welcome to my room! I love Disney so I drew my name in
Disney font and added some cute doodles.
 (hanging chalkboard: TJ Maxx)
My bed and side table.
(Bedding: Urban Outfitters, Stich Pillow Pet: Disneyland,
Cream Ruffle Pillow: Pier 1, Side Table: local antique store,
Navy and White Storage Container: Tj Maxx, Blue Blanket: Tj Maxx) 
My wall decal headboard. This picture is at an angle so it looks wonky.
(Decal: Target)

My fox lamp is the best.
(Lampshade: Target, Lamp-Stand: Pier 1)

What could be better than a Beagle cupcake company?
(Picture: Xmas gift)

The valentine the little boy I babysit made me this year.

TFIOS poster.

My picture string I made. (tell me if you want to see a D.I.Y)
My L above my string of pics.
(L: Tj Maxx)

My Wonder Woman picture that I found for 10$ at Ross!

My desk/vanity from local antique store.

My jewelry hook from Urban Outfitters.

Mirror: Unknown

I added rice to a fox mug to hold my makeup brushes and pens.
(Mug: Target)

My beagle canvas photo.
(Unknown, Xmas gift)

Some cute accents on my vanity.
(L book: Anthropologie?, Picture Frame: Tj Maxx)

My jewelry box on my vanity.
       Thanks for reading, I hope to post more this summer, so look out for more posts! I hope you enjoyed, Lily.